System JSP Project

This project currently contains two JSPs; one, jboss-deploy-form.jsp, is the form that helps deploy an application (EAR file) to JBoss, the other, jboss-deploy.jsp, is the JSP that does the actual deployment. You can use the latter to directly POST your application from your tool.

A command line tool that remotely deploys an EAR file using jboss-deploy.jsp will be added to this project later this week (second week of June 2004).

To make this application work, you will need to manually deploy system.ear in your JBoss installation. Deploying an application consists of copying an EAR file to deploy folder in your JBoss installation - JBoss discovers it in a second.

This application was tested with JBoss 3.2; I'll be happy if you report problems or issues with using it with other versions of JBoss.

Some people say that all this could be done using JMX and JBoss's MBeans - it is always good to know some theory, but I'd appreciate a practical solution. This one is a practical solution.

Now, this web application is asking for a command-line utility, right? Here it is,, aka jbdeploy.jar, aka jbdeploy.exe. It has the following command line arguments:

Download it and enjoy, it is free - like everything on this site.